Saturday, February 5, 2011

What the Doctor Found

What a blessing it was that Kathy went to the Huntsman Institute. She visited with Dr. Sklow (I have no idea how to spell his name...) and he did an exam. He found the mass to be located more in the Rectum than was previously thought, and that changes everything. So the surgery has been moved to a later date and we will know more after the appointment in Rexburg on Tuesday, Feb. 8th.
It is so good that she went to the Huntsman Institute because had she had the surgery in Idaho Falls and they foudn that the cancer was in the rectum they would not have known what to do about it. (They told her that when they were first dicussing options.) I feel so blessed to have and know my loving Heavenly Father who is watching out for my mom and all of us.


  1. It is amazing how the Lord sends the right doctors at the right times in our lives. In 6th grade they diagnosed me with scoliosis and luckily there was the right Dr. in Boise or we would've had to go to SLS often (not something my mom could have dealt with as I was the oldest with six younger siblings at the time)

  2. So glad she is in good care. Thanks for keeping us up to date Katie. I know it is busy with your two little ones. Constant prayers are sent up from us.

  3. Hannah has our church praying for you! It was so cute guys. She put Kathys name in the prayer basket and our pastor prayed a wonderful prayer for her. It can never hurt to have a couple hundred Presbyterians pulling for you!