Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Medical Update

This part is so hard to do. Last week I had people asking me what the news was, and I just couldn't figure out what to post. My apologies. I didn't want to cause any stress or worry, I just don't know how or what to write, because as soon as I post anything, everything will change. But here goes a shot at an update.
On Tuesday, the 8th (man that feels like a long time ago...) Kathy met with Dr. Dickson, at Madison Memorial Hospital. They discussed Chemotherapy and scheduled to start everything on Tuesday, the 15th. On Wednesday, the 9th, she met with the Radiologist in Idaho Falls and they scheduled to start on Tuesday, the 15th, as well. On Thursday they lined everything up for the radiology. On Friday they got all the stuff out of the way for the chemo. They should have been all set to start on the 15th. But everything changes everyday. I'll explain.
There are a few complications. Kathy has an abscess near the tumor and the tumor is growing, which have the doctors worried. She has a fever, although she is on antibiotics. What all this means is that they have put off the chemo and radiation until after they do a procedure to relieve and divert some of the pressure on the abscess and tumor. As of right now, Kathy will go meet with a doctor at the Huntsman Institute on Wednesday, the 16th, to talk about doing the procedure on the 17th. Hopefully then they will be able to start the chemo and radiation next week, and after maybe 6 weeks of that they will be able to remove the tumor (hopefully). Then after another bout of chemo she should be much better. Its a long haul and I am sure that we will learn something new tomorrow at our 9 am appointment.
 We are in good spirits here, and have strong faith that Heavenly Father is watching over us, and helping us grow.  We really appreciate all the prayers and help and kindness. We pray everyday and always that she will be healed. Let that be your prayer too.

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