Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Family

Steve just started working on a project in Green River, Wyoming for Nelson Engineering. He is gone a lot, but when he is home he works with the Young Men, does Karate, and takes good care of his family.

Leah, 22, is serving an LDS mission in the Washington D.C. North mission, where she works at the Temple Visitor's Center. She is a spanish speaking sister, and loves it.

Joseph, 20, is in Chile, also serving an LDS mission. His mission is the Rancagua Mission. He likes speaking spanish and helping people find the gospel.

Gary, 17, is a junior at North Fremont High, where he is involved in Speech and Debate, student council, and the school play.

Sally, 14, is a freshman at North Fremont. She is on the JV basketball team, involved with the school play, and just got her driver's permit. She just got her braces off!!!

James, 12, is in 7th grade. He is playing basketball and has his green belt in Karate. He is working hard to camp every month for scouts, even if it means sleeping outside in below zero weather. He also plays Piano and Saxophone in the Junior High Band.

Mari, 9, is in 2nd grade. She recently started going to Karate with James. She climbs the pole every night to get to her bedroom in the loft. She plays piano very well.

Eric, 5, is bored in kindergarten. He reads, plays the piano, and loves to watch America's Funniest Home Videos with Grandma.

Katie and Family are in Renton, Washington, where Eric works at Verizon Wireless as a developer. Eric is playing church basketball, and teaches Elder's Quorum. Katie works in the nursery at church, and takes care of the kids. Kate, 3, is full of imagination and loves her friends very much. Eli, 1, is the craziest kid who loves balls, cars, and making messes.

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