Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

OK, so I know I've just missed the actual day, but better late than never, right?
Today has had some ups and downs, like everyday.
The down: Steve had to go to Wyoming early this morning. Sad, lonely Valentine's Day.
The up: My kids and I got to Ashton! We are here to help out with every thing for a while!
The down: My kids and I have colds... Pray we don't get anyone sick! (We are doing what we can to get better. We went to a Doctor in Boise.)
The up: People are so loving and supportive! We were brought a fantastic dinner and plates of cookies and deserts! And there are flowers all over this house! And we had such a steady stream of people here this afternoon! And plus also, some very great helpers carried the large pile of wood we were given (generously) into our basement where the wood pile is stacked next to the stove.
The down: All the important stuff changed again! (see the next post for more information...)
What a roller coaster day. But the Anderson home is full of love on this Valentine's Day, and gratitude for all the people who have so generously helped out today and over the last few weeks.

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