Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Gratitude

Hang in there with me as I make one more post that I feel is very important.
I have been sitting all the way over there in Washington wishing I was here helping and taking care of everything. I have been so worried about my mom getting where she needs to be and the kids getting to all their stuff and dinner and a clean house and all that stuff that gets so hard when you are sick. Now that I am here I feel like all my worry was in vain. People have dropped everything to drive my mom to the many appointments she has. Friends and parents of friends have driven way out through the snow to pick up and drop off kids from all the many activities these crazy kids do. The kitchen is over flowing with leftovers from the wonderful dinners that people keep bringing, and the fabulous deserts. People have been so good to my family. I don't know how to show my gratitude to all of you kind people. Thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU! We have been in need, and you have helped us. Bless you, and thank you again.


  1. I am thinking about my sister Kathy today. When we were little, we would play a game that we called “Steal the princess”. Kathy was about 1 year old. The most beautiful baby you ever saw. A round face, creamy white skin, and lots of dark ha...ir. She had huge blue eyes and the longest of lashes. We would dress her up in a garb that included a bridal veil from a big bride doll that belonged to Suzanne. She was the baby princess. I can’t believe our mother let us take her out like that. We would divide into 2 teams, us and other neighborhood kids. We would put Kathy in the little red wagon. Then kids would scatter in all directions and we would take off running with the baby ridden wagon in tow, taking most corners on 2 wheels. Kathy was too little to talk but she seemed to understand the game and held on tight. We would silently hide in the lilac bushes in the alley. Kathy would quietly watch and never make a peep. In the game we took her protection very seriously. We would do anything to protect her from the dangerous baby snatchers. The whole block was our world and sunny, happy days were all we knew. Kathy today as an adult is every bit as sweet as she was then. I wish I could protect her again by just hiding in the lilac bushes. I look at her now and still want to protect her from anything that would dare snatch her from us. Please remember her in your prayers.

  2. Robin, that was such a sweet story. I wish we could be there to help. I am relieved you have such great support. We are praying for Kathy and the family every night. We love you guys!