Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Latest! Some pretty BIG stuff!

On Friday, June 24th, Kathy had surgery at the Huntsman Center. This is what she wrote today about the surgery,

"Well, life in a hospital is pretty boring.  The surgery went pretty well. It took seven hours!  I have an incision from my belly button to my pubic bone, which they put back together with staples, so it's pretty creepy looking.  When they got inside me they realized that everything was hooked together in one big mass, about the size of a baseball. it was hard to get it all out in one piece because it was so big, but they accomplished it. The tumor had attached to my uterus, my right ovary, and also to the pelvic bone. Oh yeah, my appendix was caught in it too.  They don't think any of those parts were cancerous, but they sent it off to be tested.  The uterus bled a lot, so I had to have four units of blood.

"So now I'm recovering. I had about a million tubes and cords coming out of me, or going in to me. Now I only have nine. No joke.  Plus the call switch that I have to keep track of.  And leg massagers on my calves so I don't get blood clots.  I go for short walks, which means I shuffle around in the hall and back, pushing the IV cart.  Actually, I'm feeling pretty good, considering.  I don't have much pain anymore. (Of course, I still have an epidural, which is a pain killer) I can tell that I'm getting stronger every day.  They don't know for sure yet, but it looks like I'm on track to be discharged on Friday."

The plan from here on out is that after some recovery time she will start another round of chemo.

She also posted a note on Facebook which I thought you might enjoy.

"Thanks to everyone for all your love, support, fasting, and prayers. I must be recovering because the little things are starting to annoy me! I'm so grateful."

Indeed, we are all grateful for the many prayers and the fasting on her behalf, and in behalf of us, her family! We are being taken care of in this difficult time. Thank you!

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