Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Katie's plan...

As much as I want to be there to help and watch over my mom, my husband needs me home some times. So for now, while my mom is still strong I am home with Eric and the kids in Washington. It's hard to be here when I feel needed there,and hard to be there when my husband is here. So I go where I am most needed. I plan to go back to Ashton in a few weeks, for the end of the treatments. That's when most people get really sick and tired and need help. For now, I need you Ashton-ites to be eyes, ears, and hands. Please tell me if you see a need that is not being met so I can make arrangements. Please let me know if there is something you would like to do to help, but are unsure. Please contact me with questions or concerns. Also, if you see that things are worse than I realize, please let me know so I can come sooner. One more thought. Your kind words and letters of encouragement will be the best support. The only thing better is your prayers.
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  1. Allen and I fasted and payed for you guys the other day. I hope little bit of energy is sent to you, Kathy, and everyone that are around.
    Love you guys and thinking of you all.